Victoria Crayhon
Photo Review 2019 Prizewinners

Helsinki Photo Festival: Anarchy July 30-Sept 9, 2019

No Language No Streets, Art Space New Haven July 28-Sept 9, 2017

It Says We're Not Real at Cade Tompkins Projects 2017

White Columns Artist Registry

Edge of Humanity Magazine

Match Game at ArtSpace New Haven: Oct. 20th-Nov. 27th, 2016

It's So Hard to Live Without You (Victoria Crayhon, Pricilla Briggs, Karolina Jonderko ) at Helsingborgs Dagblad’s Photographic Salon at Landskrona Foto Festival in Landskrona, Sweden, August 19-28, 2016

Featured in Athens Photobook Festival July 2016

C-41 Magazine July 2016

Ain't Bad Magazine June 2016

Der Greif Magazine: Guest Room April 2016

Obscura Magazine:
Rearranging Marquees- January 2016

Huffington Post Feature/Interview 11/12/15

FastCompany Design Feature/Interview 11/11/15 story on Thoughts on Romance from the Road 11/5/15

Thoughts on Romance from the Road ©2014 published by 0_100 Editions
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Petty Thieves V by Empty Stretch

Featured in Phos Mag May 2015

Photo Review Competition Prize Winners

Interview with World Photo Organization January 2015

Thoughts on Romance from the Road ©2014 published by 0_100 Editions

Aperture Summer Open NYC 2014

Demotix: Brooklyn Fence Exhibit 2014

The Fence in Brooklyn and Atlanta Summer 2014

Light Leaked May 2014

The Fence in Boston Summer 2014

Transformations at Pyro Gallery May 16th-June 28th 2014

LensCulture Editors' Pick Feb 2014

ArtPhotoMag January 2014


Empty Kingdom

Silver Eye Center for Photography Commendation Awards 2014

Cultivated in Boston: Review May 2013

Feature Shoot May 2013

New Landscape Photography April 2013

Le Journal de la Photographie January 2013

Washington Post Review March 2012

Christian Science Monitor: Russian Photo Essay: May 2011

British Journal of Photography Article May 2010

Fraction Magazine: Featured Artist October 2010